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Pop'n Dip

Pleasure and Health

Pop’n Dip is a natural and healthy snack that makes everything it accompanies crunch.
Eaten as a snack or as an aperitif, its lightness is suitable for all sweet or savoury preparations.
Pop’n Dip is pleasure and health finally combined in a single product unique on the market.

Pop’n Dip, the movie

Pop’n Dip, a true food innovation

“Do it yourself” concept adapted to new consumer habits


  • Easy to prepare at home and outside: 1 minute in the microwave and it’s ready!
  • High protein content in a light and crispy snack 100% natural with only 3 ingredients (82% milk protein, 5% sunflower oil, 0,3% salt) and water
  • Long shelf life and, once popped, does not soften, even in the open air
protein product salted

Pop’n Dip, the nutritional card

the nutritional card

Composition: milk proteins (native casein), sunflower oil, salt.

protein product sugar

Pop’n Dip, real health benefits in a fun product

  • Low in carbohydrates (2.8%)
  • Rich in calcium and phosphorus
  • Possibility of adding fiber
  • Gluten free
  • Acrylamide free

Pop’n Dip is environmentally friendly thanks to its recyclable packaging.

produit protéiné sucré
protein product salted